Yana Ludwig is a cooperative culture pioneer, intentional community advocate and anti-oppression activist.

"Intelligent and wise, with an impressive breadth of experience and a depth of compassion and clarity, Yana is an absolute pleasure to know. She is able, somehow, to be simultaneously impassioned about her work and stance while also being non-judgmental of others' choices. A natural and intuitive teacher, those who collaborate with her learn as much from being in her presence and observing her as they do from the specific and often detailed information that she shares. She is an inspiration and would enhance any experience of which she was a part."

Elizabeth Perrachione, Owner and Principal, Fire Owl Consulting



Yana is a regular contributor to Communities magazine and a member of the Board of Directors of the Fellowship for Intentional Community. She has lived in community since 1996. Her latest book, Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption looks at the role of community, cooperation and social justice in addressing and surviving climate disruption, and was awarded the Communal Studies Association 2017 Book of the Year Award.

Much of her work was done under the name Ma’ikwe Ludwig, until this happened.

She is the former Executive Director of both the Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, and Commonomics USA, an economic justice organization, and her nonprofit career spans 30 years. Her latest organizational project is working to launch the National Community Land Trust for Collective Liberation.

Yana is a dynamic, compassionate and thoughtful speaker and teacher, and a minister committed to creating a world that supports the well-being and vibrancy of all beings. Her 2013 TEDx kicked off a new era for her as a public speaker and advocate for communities, and she spent 5 ½  months on the road in 2015 on a national speaking tour. Yana has had a consulting and teaching practice since 2005, focusing on consensus, facilitation, conflict resolution and cooperative leadership development.

She lives in Laramie, WY where a group of fellow economic radicals including her husband, Matt Stannard have started the Solidarity Collective, an income-sharing community in the belly of the fossil fuel beast. Solidarity Collective produces the Solidarity House family of podcasts, and hosts house concerts in their home, a historic 1878 mansion they are renovating on occupied indigenous land outside of Laramie.

Her Wyoming activism includes being part of the #WyoSayNo campaign to block an immigrant internment camp from being built in the state, being a founding member of Albany County for Proper Policing, and part of the Wyoming SURJ Chapter (standing up for racial justice). Yana is a white, cisgendered, queer woman from a mixed class background.

Yana’s full resume is here, and you can view the Respectful Revolution positive activist profile of her here

Some Career highlights

  • 1991 takes on first nonprofit Directorship with Project Grow Community Gardens.

  • 1996 moves to first intentional community and starts integrating social and ecological work, learning consensus and facilitating meetings.

  • 2006 completes 2-year Integrative Facilitation training, becomes a teacher partner and launches consulting practice in earnest.

  • 2007-2008 serves as the lead teacher and co-organizer for one of the first Ecovillage Design Education courses in the US. Does it again in 2013.

  • 2013 pioneers Executive Director role for the Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture, building organization from a small, internally focused nonprofit to being a player in sustainability education and advocacy.

  • 2013 TEDx talk, Sustainable is Possible! (And it doesn't suck...) at Carleton College leads to a 2014-2016 National Speaking Tour.

  • 2014 participates in year-long anti-racism study group, deepening long-standing commitment to social justice.

  • 2016 as the Executive Director of Commonomics USA, takes economic justice thinking to a new level, supports strategic planning and facilitates formation of a public banking and climate divestment coalition.

  • 2017 publishes second book, Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption.

  • Together Resilient wins the 2017 Communal Studies Association Book of the Year Award.

  • 2018 hired to work part time for Showing Up for Racial Justice, supporting local chapter work.

  • 2019 serves as lead facilitator for series of public community forums on police violence in Wyoming.