2019 Solidarity Collective Cooperative Life Workshop Series

Saturdays with Yana Ludwig

Jan 26: Getting In and Out of Conflict

Feb 16: Starting an Intentional Community

March 9: Cooperative Culture and Economics

April 13: Guerilla Consensus

May 4: Getting In and Out of Conflict

Starting an Intentional Community: Drawing on Yana’s 22 years of community living, including being both a failed and successful founder, she walks you through the realistic basics of starting a residential community. Workshop includes dos and don’ts, basic traits of communities, and the whys and hows of successful group formation and establishment, from visioning to property acquisition to living well together.

Cooperative Culture and Economics: Groups fail all the time, and a key reason is not knowing how to cooperate. Every group bringing people together for shared purpose (activist, service-based or communal) runs into cultural programming that makes it hard to be successful. In this session, Yana unpacks cultural barriers to cooperative endeavors, takes a special look at how economics intersects with culture to make it that much more difficult to create the world we want, and gives you a North Star to guide you.

Guerilla Consensus: The core of consensus is the belief that everyone has a piece of the truth. Nice theory, right? But putting it into practice and creating a culture that supports consensus going well is not a simple thing. This workshop focuses on how to make any participatory decision-making (whether you use formal consensus or not) a positive experience instead of a gauntlet.

Getting In and Out of Conflict: Conflict happens all the time. Understanding what lands us there can help us head off some of it, and this workshop is an introduction to understanding better why and how we land there so often. It also provides tips, tools and practices for how to get out of it again, in a way that is more cooperative and compassionate (for all parties) than our mainstream culture’s punitive approach.

Workshops run 10 am to 4pm, are priced on a sliding scale of $25 to 45/person and include lunch. Workshops are held at The Solidarity Collective in Laramie, WY.

Speaking engagements up and coming

Feb 20th: Cohousing US Web Chats session on Cooperative Culture

May 31: Half-day Consensus workshop as part of the National Cohousing Conference in Portland OR

SUMMER: Two Day Facilitation Training for Cooperative Groups, at Solidarity Collective in Laramie, specifics TBD

July 18-21: Plenary Panel Speaker on Diversity, International Communal Studies Association Conference, Hudson NY

Yana will also be traveling to Brooklyn NY, Bellingham WA, Salt Lake City UT, and Denver CO this year for work. If you’d like to arrange another event or piece of work in any of those places, please be in touch!