"That was perhaps the most crisp and well run ‘strategy’ session I have ever been in! I think we accomplished so much and am deeply grateful for your expertise and help as we move forward in this process."

--Marc Armstrong, Founder and President, Commonomics USA

Yana provides streamlined strategic planning services to nonprofits and social change groups who don’t have the time or money to engage in a year long process every few years, but do want professional support in creating strategic tools and agreements to help guide their everyday work in a coherent direction. To give credit where it is due, her approach was inspired by the work of the La Piana Consulting firm, and she ask sclients to get their book to use during their process. http://lapiana.org/

Using this approach, groups can achieve good, usable results with a series of pre-retreat calls, one intense weekend of live work, and a couple follow-up calls. And for groups that want more, we can always do more!

This approach yields a several page document that outlines clear mission, values, goals and strategic processes and touch points. Organizations come away with an agile set of guidance that staff, board, volunteers and collective members can all use in the moment to respond quickly to new opportunities without needing to engage in lengthy process  every time something new comes up. This means miss a lot less chances to pursue exciting new possibilities.

Yana has never seen this work sit on a shelf and collect dust. It is also easily revisable as it become stale. Yana says, "I wish I had known about this when I started my own social change and nonprofit career in the early 90’s!"

Listening is an essential part of supporting good strategic planning.

Listening is an essential part of supporting good strategic planning.