Resilience is the ability to bounce back from changes, or to be able to roll with them in an easeful way while still being able to fulfill your purpose.

Since 2013, Yana has been a regular, well-received public speaker, and she has been teaching about sustainability and resilience since 1991. Yana has built a reputation for being funny, authentic, practical and articulate in her beliefs that we know what we need to know to collectively create a reality of resilient, just communities.

Life itself is a fundamentally resilient thing. Resilience is the ultimate goal of all of Yana's work, as it contains sustainability, justice, fairness and cooperation. Yana offers a lot of options for exploring and deepening into resilience, including talks, workshops, writing and consulting.

"Yana has an amazing ability to think holistically about our present human predicament and the approaching reality of climate change. She inspires hope and action as she shares pragmatic ways that we can turn things around and create a beneficial human presence on the planet. She is a trailblazer whose work has touched my life and made it easier for me to be effective and influential in my own work, my service, my life. If we all had someone like Yana in our community, we'd be much better off because of it."

--Danielle Williams, Executive Director, Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture


Watch Yana's 2013 TEDx talk, Sustainable is Possible! (And it doesn’t suck…) for an example of a resilient community. With over 15,000 views, this 2013 talk has inspired many people to ask new questions about what sustainable means.

Yana has given talks all over the US to a variety of audiences about resilience, community and systems development.

Yana Ludwig asks her audience to imagine sustainable communities in light of the reality of climate disruption.  Refreshingly, she begins with the values and intentionality that can guide a community to take risks with their way of life in order to reduce the community's environmental footprint. Then she introduces radical possibilities, taken from her own eco-village, that engage all of us to personally embrace sustainable alternatives for the future.

--Dr. Kate Mehuron, Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies, Eastern Michigan University

And don't miss checking out her award winning book, Together Resilient.


Among her more popular workshops is Rethinking Sustainability, an exploration of sustainability from multiple perspectives, grounded in a relational, justice-based worldview. This workshop is based on the Gaia Education curriculum developed by the Global Ecovillage Network, and takes inspiration from the work of Dr. Viola Cordova and Joanna Macy.

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Sometimes Yana's talks utilize very sophisticated tools. Like cardboard boxes.

Sometimes Yana's talks utilize very sophisticated tools. Like cardboard boxes.