Ministerial Services

Yana is a minister, too. If you live within a few hours of Laramie, WY and would like her to officiate your wedding or some other ceremony, please get in touch!

True Miscellany

Yana has done a number of interesting jobs in the past few years that are kind of off the beaten path for her usual work. These include:

  • giving feedback on an intentional community's website to help them get better at member recruitment
  • helping design a governance system for a high tech community project based on very old Mormon texts
  • helping think about marketing for a unique community property in California
  • helping write a book that features intentional community as a main theme...

We share these examples here simply to say… if you think she might be a good person to help support your project, but you haven’t seen anything like it on the website, please feel free to propose! Yana hates being bored, and your interesting new thing could be fun.