There are 1,000 people, groups and movements that could be listed here. Yana's influences have been wide ranging. Here's a few that most strongly color her work today.

Yana's ecologist father, Dr. James Ludwig, whose work was her earliest introduction to deep activism.

Starhawk's visionary books on earth-based spirituality, especially The Fifth Sacred Thing.

Audre Lorde and Kimberle Crenshaw's articulations of intersectionality.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage and the Fellowship for Intentional Community. Living in community of various kinds for over 2 decades has been Yana's biggest influence.

Yana's former mentor, Laird Schaub's, work on integrative facilitation and intentional community-based group process.

The Global Ecovillage Network's Gaia Education curriculum.

The indigenous wisdom of Grandmother Keewaydinoquay, Standing Rock and Nahko Bear, and especially the work of Dr. Viola Cordova as articulated in How It Is.

Ken Wilber's work on integral spiral dynamics.

Living with chronic lyme disease and a thousand lessons learned navigating the US healthcare system.

Buddhism, therapy and extensive time spent in the natural world.

Joanna Macy's Work That Reconnects.

The writing of Naomi Klein, especially This Changes Everything.

Matt Stannard's professional work on class and classism, and his steady articulation of what non-coercion in relationships looks like.

The Movement for Black Lives.

Chong Kee Tan of Bay Bucks, Vu Le's brilliant blog Nonprofit AF, and many folks in the Awarepreneurs facebook group, all of whom have helped me to deepen commitment to anti-oppression work, and many of whom are simply friends.

The work of many organizations in the New Economy Coalition, and particularly AORTA (the Anti-oppression Resource and Training Alliance).

My son, Jibran Ludwig, who is constantly bringing me new insights as a community-raised, kick-ass millennial.

Dozens of clients and students who have brought their own spins and backgrounds to shift the work moving forward.



We stand on the shoulders of giants. If we are lucky, we know their names.